Are You an Artist

Updated: Apr 30

We look around and see the media sensationalize various professional artist. Be it singers, dancers, musicians, or even visual artists. On the whole, I think this is a good thing.

It does tend to create a false separation, putting them at a higher level, as if they were better than everyone else. I would like to propose that many of us should also consider ourselves artist.

In my humble opinion, if you create art (see previous blogs for what that entails), then you are an artist. And you should stand tall, and proud. You as an artist, create something original, you create something totally new to this world. Very few people actually contribute new and original creations in their lives.

You, as an artist, also share a piece of yourself. With every creation, you share who you are, where you've been, and a view of where you might be going.

Admittedly, not all artists are professional, meaning that we derive our income from our art. Many of us fall along a professional continuum, some make no money up to artists who derive their entire income from creating and selling art.

I implore every artist out there; keep creating, the value of your work is not determined by the selling price, or the demand; it has intrinsic value because it was created by you.


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Bryan Brouwer