Art: Becoming Myself

Updated: Apr 30

Whenever we talk about art, and the philosophical, or pragmatic ideals, my attention always turns to how art has affected me personally. Like most people, I have had many up and downs in my life. I have had times where friends were easy to find, and I have had many times when I have felt so very lonely.

Art, specifically, my creation of art, and the process of that creation. Has given me an outlet, has given me a way to express myself. When I have no words to express my feelings, art has always allowed me to empty my mind, to share my heart, and to feel deep in my soul.

I almost always compare art to music, and in my minds they are very similar. Not all art is meant to be beautiful. Some art that I have created is ugly, and dark. This expression of myself reflects my personal state of mind, at that time. Art can also be difficult, similar to some classical music in that, to the casual listener, sounds random and just not very good. However, to an educated and experienced music lover, they hear many different levels and concepts being communicated. As is, with art.

Art can be beautiful and carefree. Art can be complicated and difficult to understand. Art can also be dark and ugly.

My art always reflects, who I am. It's personal, and intimate, and so very important to me.


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Bryan Brouwer