Happy Little Trees - Bob Ross

Everyone Knows Bob Ross:

I know that every time that I see Bob Ross on TV, or even in a picture, it immediately brings a smile to my face. His art was transforming to me. So many times, he would put something new on the canvas, I would say to myself, Bob, you just ruined your painting. That element ended up being the star attraction.

Bob also had such a relaxed and happy composure, with happy trees living here or there, and slapping the excess turpentine of his brush, it was always like a [something novel] in motion. And his clear soothing voice, the tension just flowed as you watched.

Bob spent twenty years in the United States Air Force, and became a Master Sergeant, before retiring. This, I found interesting, for some reason. He always can across more of a hippie type than a Master Sergeant.

Bob Ross was most famous for his wet on wet painting technique, this allowed the painter to complete an oil painting in one session versus the months it would normally take to complete. The technique also allowed for a more photo realistic result, which Bob’s followers found appealing.

Bob had his television show, before the time of YouTube videos and TikTok, from 1983 to 1984. Bob continued the show until contracting cancer at which time it was necessary to leave. “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Bob Ross had a falling out with his mentor William Alexander, who claimed that Bob stole the wet on wet technique from him. William Alexander, also had a show on PBS but was not as successful. He claimed to be the inventor of wet on wet, many pointed out that it had been around since at least the 1500’s.

Bob Ross was loved by many, most were not even painters. They watched to relax, or be entertained.


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