Modern Art - I Just Don't Understand

Updated: Apr 30

All of us have looked at modern art from Andy Warhol to Pablo Picasso and, of course many others. Most of us have asked ourselves, "Is that really art?" The answer is simply, yes. Just because we don't like the art, or appreciate the art doesn't make it any less oif a contribution.

Examples of Modern Art

First, lets look at some examples of Modern Art. Then, we have a common frame of reference.

Modern Art - Not a Single Idea

So, Modern art has many different ideas and types. This blog is not going to consider all of the different areas of Modern art expression.

Some of the more well known modern artist include; Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and so many others. It would be advantageous, to spend some time researching all of the pertinent artists.

Modern art, includes subjects such as modernism, post-modern, cubism, surrealism, pop art, and many more.

Most of the ideas behind this area is a push against the realism of the industrial world. Americans were moving from the country to the cities and working in factories. There was a push to have a more organic expression than the cold realistic, mechanical, steel and concrete world that many of the artist found themselves inhabiting.

When viewed from this perspective, the aspects of modern art, can be thought of to be more refreshing and original. Something to bare in mind, just like music, not all art is intended to be beautiful and relaxing. Some art is meant to make you uncomfortable, to be thought provoking, and to be an instrument of change.


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Bryan Brouwer